If you want to swap contact me at
lexmanbis [at] gmail [point] com

Here are some guidelines :

Postcards : preferable of the region where you live, or from an UNESCO site of your country.
They may be sent separately or inside a cover, as long as this has been discussed and agreed before.

Covers : Normally I sent a cover with a mix of commemorative and definitive stamp(s), or commemorative stamps only. If like for the Europa 2013 series, i sent a mint set of the french issue as well inside the cover. Otherwise i always try to include a small number of obliterated / used stamps.

Stamps : I always use french non adhesif / non- sticker stamps, please use the same kind when posting / sending something.

Publication : All covers & postcards etc. received will be published on this blog. I publish the front     (without any addressess mentioned)  and from the backside the stamps.

Special interest for the moment goes to :
Jazz related stamps
UNESCO sites postcards (i just start them)
EUROPA 2013 Postal Van series stamps
Space related stamps, covers, postcards, FDC's
Military aviation stamps, covers, postcards, FDC's
Napoléontic related stamps, covers, postcards, FDC's...

Holiday season : Goin' on a holiday, let me know we could send each other a postcard or cover from our respective holiday resort.

Want to know what kind of cards i can send, check them out here.

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